Automation of IT Testing

To save money and time, now-a-days businesses are replacing their workforce with automated machines. The tasks that are done by humans or under their guidance are simply getting replaced by computers. The word ‘Automation’ is originated from the automobile industry (Ford motors) to mention the use of automatic devices and controls. But the term is also used with a variety of system or computerized action for human effort and human intelligence. Though it delivers many benefits to businesses, there are also many challenges in its implementation.

Today companies are using automation technique for testing their business applications.

Application Testing
A normal application consists of thousands of combination and it’s nearly impossible to test each and every combination manually. Automation of application testing will save time and reduce manual effort because the processes are well defined. It uses automated tools to test the application and very less manual involvement is required while executing the process.

What to Automate?
Not every process in testing can be automated. There are certain things in testing that needs human analysis and judgement. Only processes involving testing of GUI items, form validations, database connections and other such things can be efficiently tested automatically through testing tools.

Tool Selection
There are tons of testing tools available in market some are free open source tools and others are for purchase. Since tools are designed for performing different tasks and supporting different testing types based on technology, right tool has to be selected based on the application requirement. The person who is responsible for taking care of testing process should have good capability to understand the application requirement and selection of right tool.

Skilled (Tester and Developer)
Some assume that automation of testing process is easy to handle by technical person as many testing tools are present with pre-defined data base scripts. However, the person should have strong knowledge in designing the frame work and good programming skills, to understand and execute the process in a right way. An unskilled person may add more errors and will only delay the completion of work.

Standard Testing Approach
There is list of tasks that the application tester needs to complete in given time for final product delivery that include writing and reviewing of test cases. In case of less time the tester should follow the priority list to finish the task on time as it is difficult to check each testing combination. The person should have enough knowledge to know how to design and work with automation testing tools.