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Buy Glow Sticks in Bulk and Enjoy Their Benefits

Glow sticks are most popular for night party decorations for creating fun and entertainment. Due to their multiple benefits, they became people friendly objects within no time. Of course, no party or occasion seems to be complete without the help of glow sticks. Kids, youngsters and almost people of all ages get attracted towards this […]


Colorful Glow Sticks Apt for Night Parties

Glow sticks are more prominent recreational aids in night parties. They are found in different sizes ranging from as small as 1 inch to as long as 15 inches. As you know that the glow sticks provide cool glow light with the chemical reaction. However, it is the color which makes the light sticks more […]


Most Popularly Used Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are in use for different reasons. Prominently, they are the recreational items at rave parties, festive gatherings, and club settings. They are available in different colors, shapes, and styles. They are mostly found in eight different colors including yellow, green, orange, pink, blue, red, purple, and white. The size of glow sticks ranges […]


Use of Glow Sticks at Parties Bring Fun

Glow sticks are tube-like products containing chemical substances which allow for a chemical reaction to produce light. A mesmerizing glow is given to an event location by the use of glow sticks. So many event organizers make use of glow sticks. They help in providing cool look and dramatic ambiance to the area or venue. […]

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YouTube Adds Video Captions For Deaf

YouTube is initiating to open tens of millions of videos it hosts to the deaf and to those finding hard to hear by embedding automatic captions on them. The Google-owned company said this use of speech recognition technology is perhaps the biggest experiment of this kind online. Previously captions were just a small amount of […]


X-Box 360 Games To Rock Your Mobile!

After clashing in video game titles market, video game software market, video game consoles market, video game accessories market, and video game sequels market, the video game companies seems to focus on mobile games now. Microsoft Corporation is taking its X-Box 360 game titles to mobile gaming market. The experience of playing these games in […]


How to Plan Your Own Celebrations

With proper planning, you can thoroughly enjoy your own celebrations. Time, money, and effort are important aspects to make your celebrations successful. If company celebrating birthday, or founding or incorporation date. The following are few things to make your celebration a success. Decide where to want to celebrate; timings of celebrations etc are to be […]