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Extensive Smart Phone Usage Negatively Affecting Desktop Computing Skills

Like Dennis the Menace, the smart phones have created a menace by setting expectations and behaviors that are creating difficulties for the newer generation. Youngsters have grown up by spending more time on smart phones and tabs and lesser time on desktops and laptops. They have worked less on desks and more on couches, sitting […]


Automation of IT Testing

To save money and time, now-a-days businesses are replacing their workforce with automated machines. The tasks that are done by humans or under their guidance are simply getting replaced by computers. The word ‘Automation’ is originated from the automobile industry (Ford motors) to mention the use of automatic devices and controls. But the term is […]

Advancements in Medical Electronics

Medical electronics is a domain where advancements are too late. The existing technologies or equipment like electrocardiography, X-ray medical imaging and stethoscope gave rise to the new technology developments in medical electronics. The advancements in both medical and electronics industry have led to improvement in equipment. Scientists’ new inventions help the medical professionals: physicians and […]


CAD/CAM Technology for Dental Restorations

CAD/CAM is an acronym for computer-aided design or computer aided manufacturing. With the invention of the technology the dentist work is reduced as well, the patients need not spend more time. This type of technologies is needed for the humankind as they reduce the wastage of time and money, which is the major issue. In […]

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Learning a Language Online – The Pros and Cons

When learning a new language, convenience tops the list of reasons. Students learning a new language online can access the instructions, no matter where they are. Learning online helps the students from all over the world. Learning a language online has become a trend these days. However, some students are not comfortable and are not […]


Trends and Upcoming Automobile Technologies

Early technologies Technology has undergone substantial changes over the years. Automobiles have undergone considerable developments over size, shape and engine design over the past few years. The endeavor has always been to cater more for less currency. From boxy to streamlined designs and from laborious steering to power steering, the technology has been constantly working […]


Car Navigation Technology Basics

Even though there are many smartphone navigation applications and portable navigation systems are available and become popular, auto manufacturers are offering in dash navigation systems. In the recent days it is very high than ever before. These are available around five hundred dollars. This article will helpful while buying a new navigation system for your […]