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Car Navigation Technology Basics

Even though there are many smartphone navigation applications and portable navigation systems are available and become popular, auto manufacturers are offering in dash navigation systems. In the recent days it is very high than ever before. These are available around five hundred dollars. This article will helpful while buying a new navigation system for your […]


LED Bulbs – Latest Technology in Automotive Lighting

Today LED lights are common, they are used everywhere from lamps to car lights. Here most commonly used LED for the car is black lighting includes turn signal lights and tail lights. These Led lights are used to upgrade the brake lights, indicator lights, side lights, also the interior bulbs. Also today the new front fog light Led bulbs are becoming popular.

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Role of Technology in Human Civilization

Technology is one of the impulsive forces behind civilization. It was advances in the technologies of agriculture and fishing that allowed cities to grow and thrive. Advancing in weaponry and masonry allowed some cities to drive off the jealous barbarians who sought to steal their food and plunder their wealth. Advances in medicine and sanitation […]


The Benefits of Owning Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are eco-friendly and energy-efficient vehicles. The unique advantage offered by hybrid cars over their traditional counterparts is that, they operate using fuel and electricity. The United States government is encouraging car manufacturers like General Motors and Ford to make more such hybrid cars to contribute to the greener environment. Hybrid cars are more […]

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Methods Used to Determine the Capacity of Mainframes

Mainframe computers are used in the daily operations of large organizations to perform critical and complex applications. Since they play a crucial role in the business operations, you need to ensure that you get best mainframe computer for your business needs. But how do you determine the capacity of mainframe computers, which is directly proportional […]

Advantages Offered by Mainframe Computing Over Cloud Computing

Every business requires a high-end computing solution to streamline processes, improve efficiency, enhance customer service and ultimately maximize the profits. From decades, many large organizations have relied on mainframes to achieve these. But the evolution of latest computing solutions like cloud computing has led to confusion among people (mostly, who never experienced the power of […]

How to Design a Search Engine Friendly Website

Search engine friendly websites are the ones designed in such a way that they are written, programmed, and designed to rank well by major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc. As for website design, designers are mainly focused on beautiful designs whereas search engines look for optimized code and content. If these two are […]