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Car Navigation Technology Basics

December 5, 2013 btcuser4 0

Even though there are many smartphone navigation applications and portable navigation systems are available and become popular, auto manufacturers are offering in dash navigation systems. […]

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LED Bulbs – Latest Technology in Automotive Lighting

October 1, 2013 btcuser4 0

Today LED lights are common, they are used everywhere from lamps to car lights. Here most commonly used LED for the car is black lighting includes turn signal lights and tail lights. These Led lights are used to upgrade the brake lights, indicator lights, side lights, also the interior bulbs. Also today the new front fog light Led bulbs are becoming popular.

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Safety Highway Driving Rules

August 17, 2013 btcuser4 0

Every state has its own driving rules and regulations or set of traffic laws, but most of them are same. Only some states will have slight different rules. So if you own a car or rent a car you should know that particular states laws. If you are planning to drive in multiple states then you should check for a tourist book for any special rules of each state.