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Features and Advantages of a Convertible Car

A convertible car, also called a convertible, is a car whose top can be customized to be used not to be used. The tops are stored in the rear portion of the car and activated through battery power while manual activation is also present in few models. When the top is erected, it 1) has […]


Advanced Motion Controls in Your Recent Car

A brief introduction The car in the market is not the epitome of luxury, comfort and safety only. It provides a completely new experience of driving with new innovative features. A lot of accidents happens on the roads due the driver lacking the expertise of driving a car or loosing his ability of reflexes in […]

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Most Brand Loyal Cars

Brand impacts the consumer purchase decision process as well reminds some specific quality of that brand. Good quality, reasonable price, and the consumer experience will improve the loyal to the brand. Forbes released a list of most brand loyal cars. Now we will see them. Kia Forte: The Experian Automotive compiled the market data of […]


Best Selling Cars from Toyota in 2013

Forbes released 20 bestselling cars of 2013. The following cars have been taken from the bestselling cars from Toyota in 2013. In this article, we will see the 2013 models of Toyota. Those are Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Prius. Toyota Camry: America’s bestselling passenger car with a room for five passengers. The 2014 […]

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Car Navigation Technology Basics

Even though there are many smartphone navigation applications and portable navigation systems are available and become popular, auto manufacturers are offering in dash navigation systems. In the recent days it is very high than ever before. These are available around five hundred dollars. This article will helpful while buying a new navigation system for your […]


Get to Know Different Types of Car Keys

Today, there are many car key models in use. Today’s car keys have a unique ability to get lost beneath couch cushions, inside coat pockets or disappear altogether. Prior to 1990s, if you lost your key, there was no need to mention at the car dealership and it was not even a big deal to […]

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Safety Highway Driving Rules

Every state has its own driving rules and regulations or set of traffic laws, but most of them are same. Only some states will have slight different rules. So if you own a car or rent a car you should know that particular states laws. If you are planning to drive in multiple states then you should check for a tourist book for any special rules of each state.

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