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Living Smartly Adds a New Section to Simplify the Confusing Area of Personal Financial Planning

Hyderabad, India – Living Smartly, a website dedicated to provide smart living tips to hardworking middleclass people, recently announced that it added a new section called ‘Personal Financial Planning Simplified’. Are you struggling to make right financial choices to save money? Do complex financial concepts and policies eat your brain? Then check this section called […]

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Big Banks Interested to Lend to Small Businesses

The activities of Obama’s administration have started to give positive results. This has made a great impact on the Big Banks to lend credit to small businesses. Especially, the pressure on banks is changing the mind set of Big banks. Today, big banks are interested in lending to small businesses. Big banks like Bank of […]

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Nearly 75 percent Small Business Owners have Growth plans: Pepperdine University

As per the Nationalwide study conducted by Pepperdine University Private Markets Capital Project, nearly 78 percent of small business owners are having plans to expand their companies. But, only few of them have capital or resources to expand their business. About half of the small business owners who were surveyed expressed that they were relying […]

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Small Businesses Spending More on Marketing and IT: FedEx

There is improvement in outlook of overall small businesses expenditure. Many entrepreneurs are getting ready for investing in marketing and IT. According to latest FedEx Office of the Times National Small Business Survey, 42 percent of the small business owners are likely to spend more on marketing and advertising in this year. 46 percent will […]

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Small Businesses Rely on Credit: Fed Survey

The small firms provide employment for roughly around one and half of all the Americans. Around 60 percent of job creation is accounted by small businesses. Small businesses have and have been contributing a lot to US economy. Even though, they are denied credits from bank. Many major banks are easily providing loans for the […]

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Small Businesses Owners Confidence Tumbled Down: Small Businesses Watch Index

According to a new survey by Discover Small Business Watch Index, in June, the small business owners economic confidence became even and halted a two month increase. There was a dip in the Discover Small Business Watch Index. It was a dip of 86.1 percent in June from 87.4 in May. There was a hike […]

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66 percent American’s are Confident on Small Business : Small Vs Big

There is increase of faith in small-business during the ups and downs of the US recession. There is dramatic decrease in faith on big businesses. Now, 3 times more Americans say that they have lot of confidence in small businesses which constitutes around 66%. Whereas, Only 19% people have confidence in big businesses. According to […]

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