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Things to Know on Hybrid Car Maintenance

Hybrid car engines work on two or more fuel sources. One is combustion based and another one is electric based. The combustion based one might involve gasoline or diesel. However, mostly these vehicles depend on electric power source to get the good mileage with low cost fuel. In case of electric cars, the maintenance is […]


Best Wagon Models For 2010 Consumers

Wagon is passenger comfort, cargo capacity and pleasant driving dynamics car model. The following are the top pick wagon models: Ford Flex This is a cool looking well-designed alternative to minivans and seven seater crossover’s SUV’s. This provides hands free chat and music control via synchronization. Kia Soul This is a descent car, which gives […]

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Porsche Introduces Fast And Economical Hybrid Concept Car

In Geneva 2010 car show, Porsche launches a fast and economical hybrid car. This cool looking and stylish concept car is named as Porsche 918 Spyder. This concept car is equipped with a high-revving V-8 engine. With this powerful engine it could revs up to 9200 rpm and produces more than 500 bhp. Hence, it […]

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