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Small Businesses Spending More on Marketing and IT: FedEx

There is improvement in outlook of overall small businesses expenditure. Many entrepreneurs are getting ready for investing in marketing and IT. According to latest FedEx Office of the Times National Small Business Survey, 42 percent of the small business owners are likely to spend more on marketing and advertising in this year. 46 percent will […]

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Internet Ad Revenue sources Based on IAB Report In 2009

As per the IAB 2009 report, the total Internet advertising revenues in US was $22.7 billion in the year 2009, third-quarter of 2009 accounted for $5.5 billion and fourth-quarter of 2009 accounted for $6.3 billion. There was a decrease of 3.4 percent in internet advertising revenues in 2009 when compared to 2008. Internet Revenues Retail […]

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Mobile Subscriber Market Share in 2010 in US – comScore

According to comScore report, Samsung is the in the top position in handset manufacturer overall with 22.4 percent market share. According to leading mobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) and Smart phone Operating System (OS) platforms in the United States that presently people who are of 13 and older are mobile phone subscribers. OEM Market Share: […]

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Increase in Usage of Mobiles for Shopping

As the usage of smartphones has been increasing among the affluents, affluents are using their smartphones for shopping purposes as well as for buying the articles. And those affluents are the first to shop by using the smart phones. Only the affluent and ultra-affluent mobile users are purchasing or shopping using their mobile phones, according […]

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Trends Of Online Businesses in 2009

At present, in many developed nations, practically each business has online presence, whether it might be a brick-and-mortar (traditional business), a brick-and-click (a business which sells both in online and also at a physical location), or a pure-play (only online business without physical counterpart) enterprise. Among the 100 most popular websites in 2009, pure-play websites […]

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Pros and Cons of Television Advertising

Television advertising is most powerful form of advertising traditionally, as it is a combination of audio and video advertising messages with unlimited varieties, unlike other means of advertising like newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and websites. Based on research reports, people spend four and half-hours watching TV as it is most common leisure activity. As a […]