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Fashion Jewelry Trends for Spring and Summer

Generally, the trends of the fashions-jewelry change according to seasons and situations. Increasing the temperature does not disturb the people’s right to purchase different fashion-jewelry. There are different jewelry-designs to wear in summer and spring seasons. Crystal necklace: A number of trends in crystal jewelry are launched by the major shopping malls. They added different […]

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Retail Jewelry Trends in 2009

Jewelry is a item which is used to adorn the body, those can be necklace, brooches, ear rings, bracelets, precious metals, rings, etc. These jewelry can be made by any material, may be gold, silver, platinum, plastic, etc., and it may be made with any material like precious metals or shells, gemstones. It depends on […]

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Trends in Eye Wear and Sun Wear of US: 2008 National Retail Federation

All the items like clothing, bags add beauty to our attire. But this Eye wear and the sun wear articles add beauty to the face. So, one should be careful in selecting the eye wear articles. It is the segment which has the growth above average. As per the industry analysts every year there is […]

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Global Online Shopping Trend Report: Nilsen

There is a tremendous transformation by Internet in many aspects of life. Internet has become a very good medium for shopping goods and services. It is always a good thing to stop by a store to check the products and purchase them. Services like online booking of tickets for traveling, concert has become very easy. […]

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Famous Perfume Brands Used in America

The top most perfume buyers of the world are Americans. Till 1960s French fragrances were the most leading creators of perfumes. But as of now, U.S.A is the leading one in the creator of the perfumes and has come out with the best fragrances. They are tough competitors for the French as of now. Coming […]

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2010 Consumers Choice: Edmunds

Most of the people are fond of buying a new car. But, they are not aware about how to find the best car. One can find the best car and can decide easily by using Edmunds. com. Here in this site, you can get the opinions of the editors as well as the consumers for […]

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Increase in Usage of Mobiles for Shopping

As the usage of smartphones has been increasing among the affluents, affluents are using their smartphones for shopping purposes as well as for buying the articles. And those affluents are the first to shop by using the smart phones. Only the affluent and ultra-affluent mobile users are purchasing or shopping using their mobile phones, according […]

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