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WAN Optimization Accelerates Application Performance

Faster application performance ensures that a business effectively renders quality services to its employees and customers. WAN optimization is essential to businesses that are using network applications at its headquarters to stay in touch with branches at remote locations through WAN. WAN optimization enhances the application performance by techniques like bandwidth management, caching, compression, and […]

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Using Hosted Services by Small and Midsize Businesses has Increased their Financial Performance: Microsoft Study

As per the recent global SMB IT and Hosted Index 2010 by Microsoft Corp, has shown how small and medium-sized businesses have recovered during the recession and how they use technology. As per the research, the small and medium-sized businesses that value IT as a facilitator for increasing business productivity and effectiveness and also those […]

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Small Businesses Spending More on Marketing and IT: FedEx

There is improvement in outlook of overall small businesses expenditure. Many entrepreneurs are getting ready for investing in marketing and IT. According to latest FedEx Office of the Times National Small Business Survey, 42 percent of the small business owners are likely to spend more on marketing and advertising in this year. 46 percent will […]

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Global Retail Trends

RFID is a technology which is used for identifying, tracking and capturing the data by the help of radio waves. The general RFID system consists of antenna, tag and the decoder. By using the three components, the data of the product can be easily captured. Now-a-days as the global market has been changed, there is […]

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Uses Of Server In a Business Network

One can define the server as the software program or the application which is used for providing the services to the client computer. It manages the network resources in an efficient way. For any business to run successfully, server is needed. There are many applications which are being associated with the server. One will end […]

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3G Mobile – What is it?

3G is now very frequently used when referring to mobile telecom. What exactly is it and how is it different from regular mobile telecom?  This is something that has passed my mind several times earlier. Here is something from my end to help you understand the topic. This small write up should help understand this […]

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Trends Of Online Businesses in 2009

At present, in many developed nations, practically each business has online presence, whether it might be a brick-and-mortar (traditional business), a brick-and-click (a business which sells both in online and also at a physical location), or a pure-play (only online business without physical counterpart) enterprise. Among the 100 most popular websites in 2009, pure-play websites […]

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