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New Car Launches by KIA in USA in 2014

KIA Motors is one of the leading automotive manufacturers in the country. Kia Motors is launching this year new car models. This article furnishes specifications and their performance features. Some of the new cars being launched by Kia Motors we are going to discuss in this article are: Kia Soul Kia Cadenza Kia Soul 2014 […]

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BMW Recalling 151,000 Units in US for Repair

In US auto market, BMW is recalling their models for repairing. They introduced their vehicles into the market with faulty fitted fuel pumps. These defects may reduce the engine performance and result in loss of power of steering and brakes. As per the available information, BMW is recalling nearly around 151,000 units to repair. They […]


13 Million New Car Sales are Expected in December, 2011: JD Power

US auto makers are enjoying the good market response with increasing number of unit sales in the year 2011. Total number of expecting sales including retail and fleet is nearly around 13.4 million units for the end of December 2011, which is more than the lost year expected sales. JD power and LMC automotive said […]


Skoda Recorded 16.8% Of World Sales Growth for September, 2011

Skoda motors created a record with its continuous sales growth since first nine months of this year. It has recorded 16.8% of world sales growth for September, 2011. The number of units which Skoda delivered in between January to September, 2011 is 664,800 units which is more than the last year deliveries (569.000 vehicles) during […]


GM Sales Showed 20% Growth in US Market for September, 2011

General Motors recorded its sales growth of 20%, which has made it stand at the third position in terms of sales growth for this year. It is behind the Chrysler (27%) first position and Nissan (25%) second position. GM got the positive response from the US consumers, it sold 207,145 units of vehicles including cars, […]


Auto Sales in US and Canada to Increase in 2012

Auto sales in US and Canada reported positive growth, in US and Canada car makers received good response from the car uses. New cars and used cars sales increased in January, 2012. Canada reported its sales growth for January with 15% and US reported 11% which is more than last year sales. Canada auto industry […]


GM Auto Sales Down for January, 2012 in US

US auto sales for January, 2012 increased. All brands received positive sales growth but US top car manufacturers GM received very low negative sales growth. GM reported its sales for January with 1,67,962 units to fell down its sales growth with 6%. Mr. Don Johnson, voice president of US sales operations said, Once again Chevrolet […]