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A List of Bridal Accessories

Planning for a wedding would be stressful, many things should be considered with proper planning. Having a fashionable wedding dress is not enough, you also need bridal accessories to have an overall look. When purchasing accessories, you should be careful in choosing the items that are relevant to you. No two weddings are completely alike […]

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Winter Wedding Ideas

Many people plan for winter weddings, because there are some benefits such as cold weather and venues with less crowd. You can enjoy the sparkle of falling snow, cozy atmosphere in winter season. There are some wedding ideas for couple, such as: Wedding venues: Though you can choose any type of wedding, you need to […]


Different Types of Wedding Venues

Several factors affect the choice of choosing venue, such as size of your guest list, availability of different range of venues in the area, where you want to get married. You need to be aware of different venues, before you start for searching and visiting them. Here different types of venues, such as: Hotels: Hotels […]