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Need to Practice Yoga for the Children of Today’s Generation

There is high need to practice yoga for the children of today’s generation. It is difficult for the child to grow up in today’s society, due to childhood obesity, stress, and lack of physical activities. There is a need for the children’s to practice yoga in today’s environment. Here are few points that outlines the […]


Yoga and Its Benefits in Sports

The performance of any sport can be improved by the use of yoga as a supplementary exercise routine. Breath is coordinated by movement in different postures in yoga. Various muscles of the body get stretched and strengthened with the hold of these postures. The postures of yoga can be considered as an ideal complement to […]

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Importance of Yoga for Executives

Increased work pressure and sedentary lifestyles along with sleep disorders and stress are troubling the young executives these days. One should indulge in good eating habits, and practice yoga to relax, cut stress and sleep disorders. Recently CEO of SAP India died at the age of 45 years due to cardiac arrest. Though the accurate […]

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Practice Yoga to Lead a Healthier Life

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice, which leaps to lead a healthier life by practicing some simple poses. It is one of the most famous and globally widespread traditions of India. Yoga has been in practice by people from more than 5,000 years. Yoga promotes relaxation, health and flexibility, balance, strength and overall health of […]

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