Beyonce Likes To Be Wonder Woman

With so many super hero movies faring well at the box offices, ideas for newer movies are still evolving day-by-day.

We know how one hit of a super hero movie can change life of any one. So it is not surprising anyone liking to play role of a superhero. Well, pop star Beyonce is not strange from those who wish to see themselves casting as a super hero.

She recently said that she liked to play the role of Wonder Woman. She is excited with her idea of a black Wonder Woman. I guess it is the impact of Obama’s win over McCain. Though it would be great for her, as a fan of The Justice League, I would never like to see the fair and amazing Wonder Woman in a contradict color.

Though no one has yet made up their mind for such a movie, lets’ see if anyone dares to do their movie with Beyonce playing the lead role.