Significant Number of Americans Think Small Busineses Can Change Economy

Small businesses are believed to play a lead role in changing the U.S. Economy. A significant percentage Americans (nearly 2/3) believe that it will not be federal government, but small businesses that will turn around the economic crisis happened due to recession.

According to a Wakefield research survey, which was conducted on 1024 representative Americans stated that more than 70 percent of Americans think small businesses are more likely to turn around the economy than the federal government of U.S. However, only a very small number of respondents (1 in 10) took this responsibility into their own hands and started a business since the start of the recession. Almost two-thirds of Americans felt that the federal government has been ineffective in creating jobs in the past year and they believe it will be the same case in the nest year also. Only 7 percent of respondents were very confident on the government to create considerable jobs in the next year.