Famous Perfume Brands Used in America

The top most perfume buyers of the world are Americans. Till 1960s French fragrances were the most leading creators of perfumes. But as of now, U.S.A is the leading one in the creator of the perfumes and has come out with the best fragrances. They are tough competitors for the French as of now.

Coming to the famous perfume brands in U.S.A, they include American, French and some European Brands.

These are some of the best brands which are used popularly are

  • Estee Lauder: It is one of the famous women perfumes. The best labels of Estee Lauder are beautiful. It has the reputation throughout the world for its best fragrances.
  • Tommy Hilfiger: Best designer and creative fragrances are produced. True Star is the best label by Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Calvin Klein: Many Americans are using this brand for about thirty years and Ck-IN2U is the present classic which is being used.
  • Ralph Lauren: One of the designer labels which started perfume manufacturing. It is one of the famous brands of USA. The present hot shot is the Pure Turquoise

The above brands became very popular in USA and they are the present current trends.