High Sales of Automobiles in the Month of July

Among the Asian countries, one of the famous country which is growing rapidly in the field of the automobiles is India. Now-a-days, many companies are launching new models and expanding their businesses in India as the consumers are increasing. Apart from the new launches, advancements in the technologies of the existing models are also being done for meeting the demands and the needs of the automobiles.

During the present days, the automakers are enjoying their sales increment. Right from the two wheelers to the trucks, growth in the sales was observed in the month of July. Since July 2009, the overall growth in the sales was around 31.5%. According to SIAM, 1,237,461 units were sold in the month of July, and it is more when compared with the sales of the past year which was 9,41,070. According to the forecast made by SIAM regarding the growth in the sales, around 12-13% of the growth is expected by the end of march 2011.

According to SIAM, the car sales for the month of July are around 1,58,764 units and it is more than the previous highest sales 1,55,600 which was recorded during the month of March. There was growth in the sales because of auto companies tapping for rural market.

Along with the car sales, two wheelers sales also increased to 9,38,514 units when compared with previous record sales which resulted in the month of May. Same is the case with the trucks.

All the companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Ford and General Motors sales increased. Apart from the models and the launches, performance of the manufacturers has also increased which accounted for the growth of sales in the month of July.

When compared with the same period i.e., in the month of July, 29.18% hike in the sales was observed by maruti suzuki which is equivalent to 2,150 (1-lakh) units. Similarly, the sales of the Tata Motors increased and the sales of passenger vehicles was 27,864 units which also is higher when compared with the other records. Along with Maruti suzuki and Tata motors, the sales of Hyundai Motor India also grew up to 10.7 % during the month of July.

Ford, the U.S based company sales in India, also increased by four times when compared to the sales of same period last year. Along with the above companies, different companies like General Motors and Toyota Kirlsoskar motors also reported regarding the hike in the sales during the month of July.
When we consider the bike segment, Hero Honda and Bajaj Auto are also enjoying the sales growth.