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HIOC adds Social section to spread awareness about the urban issues in Hyderabad

Released by: HIOC (HIOC) added ‘Social’ section that brings to light many challenges of urban life faced by tens of lakhs of people in Hyderabad everyday like unemployment, urban poverty etc. There are lakhs of under-privileged people in urban Hyderabad, struggling to cope with everyday challenges of urban life. Being under-privileged is not just […]

Living-Smartly completes its first phase of execution of providing useful information

Released by: which is providing functional and useful information and smart living tips on diverse range of topics to increase awareness among people completed its first phase of execution. During this first phase it focused on content development and layout formation of the website. also focuses on providing information to an individual […]


Fashion Jewelry Trends for Spring and Summer

Generally, the trends of the fashions-jewelry change according to seasons and situations. Increasing the temperature does not disturb the people’s right to purchase different fashion-jewelry. There are different jewelry-designs to wear in summer and spring seasons. Crystal necklace: A number of trends in crystal jewelry are launched by the major shopping malls. They added different […]

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Best Trends in Jewelry in 2010 and 2011

The best trends in jewelry are fun, feminine and incredibly bold in 2010/2011. Only few jewelry items are always fashionable. Rest of them keep on changing according to seasons. There are different jewelry items which are best trends in this season such as opulent gemstones, edgy motifs and textured designs. Opulent faux gemstones: In this […]

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Decrease in Business Failure Levels in Manufacturing

According to the Equifax Business failure reports, there is a decrease in number of businesses failing, but it is not as far as the pre-recession levels. It also reports that there is 19.1 percent year-on-year drop for the second quarter of this year. On comparison with the first 3 months of this year, there was […]


Small Business Owners Believe in Stockpiling Cash : A Survey

It is expected that efficiency would be key driver for the small business owners in 2010. According to a survey released by Brother International Corporation, about 79 percent of respondents expressed that they are planning to make their company by hiring new employees, increasing marketing budgets and work space. The respondents wanted to be more […]


Marvist Consulting Completes 5 Years in the Service of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Released by: Marvist Consulting Marvist Consulting group, a premier offshore web marketing company, completes five years of providing successful Internet Marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses across North America. Marvist Consulting group completed five years of providing professional, result-oriented, and value based Internet Marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses across North America. Since […]

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