Using Hosted Services by Small and Midsize Businesses has Increased their Financial Performance: Microsoft Study

As per the recent global SMB IT and Hosted Index 2010 by Microsoft Corp, has shown how small and medium-sized businesses have recovered during the recession and how they use technology.

As per the research, the small and medium-sized businesses that value IT as a facilitator for increasing business productivity and effectiveness and also those which hosted services have performed better financially that those who do not.

Though they was global recession, many SMBs who were surveyed in 2010 expressed that there is an increase in revenue than in 2008 and they viewed IT as critical to their business success. In 2009, about 52 percent of small and medium-sized businesses reported that there was an increase in revenue which has increased from 39 percent in 2008. Around 55 percent of SMBs view IT as critical to their business success which increased by 20 points since 2008. About 60 percent could see revenues grow over the past 12 months of the SMBs that view IT as critical. Less than 29 percent of the SMBs saw revenue increase who stated that IT is not important for their business.

As per SMBs that were surveyed, 14.38 percent of them expressed that their revenue has increased more than 30 percent, 25.49 percent of them expressed no change in revenue and about 14.55 percent of them expressed decrease in revenue with the use of IT.