Know About Advantages and Limitations of Ink Jet Barcode Printer

Now a days, many businesses, small and large are using barcode technology. In order to use this barcode technology one needs barcode printer and barcode scanner. Barcode printer like Zebra printer is used to print the barcodes on labels. Barcode scanner read the information on barcodes.

There are many types of barcode printers, ink jet printers are one of them. Because of it’s multi functionality, these printers are used by many people. They are used in high production settings where barcode production, human readable fonts need to be reproduced at high speed. These printers are very slow in printing. They are sensitive to dust, dirt, vibrations and other external things.

Advantages of ink-jet barcode scanners:

  • The cost is one of the main advantages of the ink jet barcode printers. They are available from expensive to low cost printers.
  • The colors of this ink jet printers are also very less expensive.
  • High speed production lines.


  • It can be very expensive to install the system, because this method is designed for high volume barcode printing, but not for individual printing.
  • In order to prevent the ink jet clogging and maintain proper print quality, these printers require constant supervision.
  • Usage of material restricted because possibility of bleeding on such materials.
  • It can be hard to read the barcodes, if barcodes are printed on the dark backgrounds, like corrupted cardboard. Then you need to choose a proper scanning devices for proper readability.

These are the advantages and limitations of the ink jet barcode scanners. Later the advanced version of the printers are found, in order to overcome these limitations of this printer. Zebra printers are the best example for advanced barcode printers.