What are Corded Barcode Scanners?

Optical machine-readable representation of data that can be showed on certain products is called a barcode. Barcodes are read by devices called barcode readers or barcode scanners. They utilize various technologies for reading data stored in barcodes. There are various types of scanners based on the portability and technologies used. Symbol scanners, HP scanners, SATO scanners and others are some of the scanners that are used worldwide.

Corded barcode scanners are one of the types of barcode scanners. They are mostly used for data entry applications. The data after scanning is put into the keyboard buffer of computer. These scanners are attached to the power source by means of a cord. Corded barcode scanners can be generally classified as point-and-shoot and sit-and-scan scanners.

Point-and-shoot scanners are pointed at the code and a trigger is pulled to read the data. Handheld barcode scanners come under this type. The scanner has to be picked up every time while checking an item. Sit-and-scan scanners are those where the items are kept on the scanners and read. The scanners are kept at the same place and barcodes are passed on to it and hence they can be referred as fixed scanners. Conveyor, packaging and shipping operations include the use of these scanners. A combination of both the types of scanners are also available and are used based on the requirements.

Corded barcode scanners can be connected to a PC by four ways. They include USB,keyboard wedge, serial ports and interface controller. Various models of these corded barcode scanners are included in Symbol barcode scanners.