Emerging Trends for Internet Marketing

The Jupiter research, find that the online spending will reach $70 billion between 2007 to 2012. The internet marketing is changing at fast pace and new ways of communications arising between the people.

Future trends:

Mobile marketing growth: The recent growth in technology revolutionized the growth of mobile phone usage. SMS is used as a cheap and effective marketing tool as it delivers the company’s message to large section of audience.

A place for social media networking: The marketer should concentrate on the social networking sites because now a days it became a boom for larger crowd and it is an opportunity for marketer to attract the customer.

Search engine rating: The marketer should also concentrate on search engine rating as it leads to driving traffic towards the web site.

Video marketing : Video is the best way to describe your product and your services. You can express your views by a video and even the brief explanation can be done through video.

Email marketing: It is the form of direct marketing which uses the electronic mail to communicate for the commercial purposes. You have to post newly added products, features, any discounts, bonus and encourage the customer to buy the product.

One-to-one marketing solutions and personalization: It is an interactive marketing where the marketer identifies the customer needs and personalizes the product for each customer. It is more than selling and if it is properly followed then the relationship is made powerful and it adds value to the customer.

Local search engines marketing: Businesses should focus more on local search engine which gives fast and real good business.

The above are the details of various emerging trends of Internet marketing.