Future Trends in Cloud Computing

The cloud computing is becoming mainstream as many companies are adopting it. Cloud computing have driving trends in some areas like software, storage and private and internal clouds.

Future in Cloud computing

Commodity as a service: Many large organizations depend on commodity IaaS for testing and for the development of the new application, the small firms uses it for critical application. IaaS is said to be the Cloud Infrastructure and many IT professionals talk about cloud when they think IaaS.

Platform as a Service: There is a huge financial investment that platform has gained in the past few years and everyone needs this service for application development. It has advance in control and choices. Increased popularity of web and mobile application are the driving forces for PaaS.

Software as a Service: Software has a big share. It will focus on the integration of data and services and it could be a beneficial to cloud services.

Cloud Storage: It is used for storage services and mostly used to deploy cloud services. It is used as backup data and it also serves as primary file content storage for web applications.

In the future, cloud computing is expected to solve the problem of lack of resources, skilled workers and energy requirements by introducing giant data centers. It will also assist in bringing out innovative and large computing projects.