US Diesel Vehicle Sales Increase by 38.5% in 2011

In US auto market, diesel vehicles performance is good. Diesel vehicles recorded their 38.5% sales growth compared to last year. Very few models have shined in diesel sector, Volkswagen Jetta TDI and Golf TDI. These models have escaped from the earth quake supply distractions.

Total sales of diesel sedans for July 2011 is 56,717 vehicles, Jetta sedan recorded 5,206 vehicle sales. The Golf model recorded 966 units for July month and took second place among the diesel vehicles. BMW X5 took the third place with 562 units sale in July month. Crippled hybrid vehicles sales in US market were 8,653 units for July 2011, it is 0.82% of total market sales.

Volkswagen introduced Jetta to US one year back. Its performance is good in US market. US consumers are getting attracted to diesel vehicles due increasing fuel rates. Diesel vehicles come with good fuel economy and hence have good demand in the US market. Many motor manufacturers are planning to come into the US market with their diesel model vehicles.