Despite Age Restriction, Majority of Children Aged 10 are Using Facebook

An AVG study showed that, by the age of eleven, a majority of children in the major industrialized nations have reached digital maturity, graduating onto mainstream social networks like Facebook and Twitter despite of the age restrictions of minimum 13 years, especially in facebook. More closer look in to data found that the majority of the access to facebook is happening at the age of 10.

In countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and France many parents replied that their kids are using the main stream social networks by the age of 11. The survey was carried on 4000+ parents across the globe with their children aged 10-13 and were asked about their kid’s internet habits.

The research found that in Germany majority of the children access facebook at the age of 12, while in Italy and Spain there are stating it at 19 itself. The only country with few kids on these sites is Japan.

This is like a warning message to all the parents to check and get informed about their kid’s internet habits and kind of websites or links they are searching quite often. Even though it is nothing wrong in having a facebook account at that age, however creating an account by manipulating the terms could lead them to such an attitude that could drive them to involve in similar activities in the later stages of their life. This changes their thought process and make them get used to such kind of wrong doings.