Changing Trends in the Mobile Phone Usage

Using of mobile phone is a very old trend. In those days, mobile phone was simply used for communication purpose. But in the present days, mobile user is using mobile phone for various purposes.

In 1990, there were 21 cellphones out of 1000 people. The number grew to 683 cellphones for every 1000 people by the end of the year 2005, and this number increased very fast and it reached to 946 mobile phones for every 1000 people. It will reach more 110% at an average of the population, because now every one is having more than 1 mobile phone.

In the past days it was difficult to carry camera, Mp3 player and a cell phone for an individual. To give flexibility for mobile user many mobile manufacturing companies integrated these features in a mobile phone like Mp3 player, digital camera, etc.

To meet the modern generation needs, mobile companies are providing different features in the mobile phone, such as Wi Fi technology, faster Internet web browser, 4G & 3G technologies and video calling, etc,.

In past days, cellphones were used only for the voice communication, later it is used for the voice and Non voice(SMS) purposes. But now most of the users are using mobile phones for various reasons, such as Internet access on mobile phone, for entertainment purpose, to make video calling, online chat, and so on.