The Benefits of Owning Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are eco-friendly and energy-efficient vehicles. The unique advantage offered by hybrid cars over their traditional counterparts is that, they operate using fuel and electricity. The United States government is encouraging car manufacturers like General Motors and Ford to make more such hybrid cars to contribute to the greener environment. Hybrid cars are more in demand because they are economical and affordable. There are many beneficial reasons to own a hybrid car.

Better fuel efficiency
Hybrid cars are presently the most efficient cars designed to save money, as it gets far more miles to each gallon. Hybrid cars can save you about 50% on fuel costs of what you spend with your traditional vehicles. It operates on gasoline powered motors and electric motors that derive energy from batteries, which store electric energy. With gasoline prices increasing, sales of hybrid cars are rising. These two energy sources complement each other for providing the hybrid car an excellent fuel efficiency. This helps a lot when you are stuck in a heavy traffic jam – hybrid car switches off automatically and the electric power takes over and once you accelerate the car the gasoline engine starts functioning, this will save a great deal of fuel.

Low emission of toxic fumes
Automobiles are increasing day by day, world is at the threat of toxic emissions due to their exhaust ingredients. But, a hybrid car, is a low emission car, which contributes to the society as well as environment. These cars are preferred by most people as they emit lower levels of carbon dioxide and other toxic ingredients. This will reduce the effects of global warming and help maintain healthier air.

Lower interest rates on loans and tax rebate
A number of car insurance providers offer discounted insurance rates to hybrid car owners. Some people get these cars with an idea that they can get the finance or loan arranged easily, while enjoying its other perks such as low interest rates, free parking within certain area and discounted on toll gates.

In 2005, President George Bush has signed an agreement that lets the owners and users of hybrid cars enjoy huge tax breaks.

Best resale value
Hybrid vehicles are technically advanced, which trends for more value and great resale potential. Resale value for popular hybrid models is tearing up to thousands of dollars more than the conventional cars. This is due to the increasing demand for hybrid cars which are economical. Hybrid cars are available in the United States for the past ten years. Some of the manufacturing companies like Toyota, Ford, GMC, Chevrolet and Honda are continuously working on producing advanced technology hybrid cars – due to this increasing supply and demand for hybrid vehicles, they will continue to have higher resale values in the future too.

Lightweight and compact
Hybrids cars are built with lightweight material; these cars are also very compact in size. These cars are easier to operate on the road making them more convenient to use. Most models, particularly those available in United States, come with stylish designs and a sleek look.

Reducing dependency on fossil fuels
The United States consumes the most fossil fuels in the world. Fuel efficient hybrid cars are appropriate replacements for the traditional fuel guzzling cars, as they can run using both, fuel and electricity. This way the consumption of fossil fuel is cut down to almost half and so is the emission level. The noise pollution too comes down.

In order to deal with the global energy scarcity, it is advantageous to use hybrid cars, so as to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

As already discussed, investment on hybrid cars can prove to be more economical in long run for the motorists. And, these cars can also help the world overcome the present crisis related to fossil fuels.