Car Navigation Technology Basics

Even though there are many smartphone navigation applications and portable navigation systems are available and become popular, auto manufacturers are offering in dash navigation systems. In the recent days it is very high than ever before. These are available around five hundred dollars. This article will helpful while buying a new navigation system for your car.

  • Screen and interface: The screen size in a in dash navigation system is one of the most important aspect while choosing. This feature separates the car’s in-dash navigation system from the most smartphone navigation applications and portables. The screen size can vary based on your requirement. Regardless of the screen size, make sure that you can see the display even in a bright sunlight. In case of touch screen based check for within your reach it is simple to use. The touch screens need frequent cleaning because they smudge easily. Either it is touch or button, look for easy to use, time taking for input the information, and the time taking to respond for route calculation. The voice navigation is one of the common feature offering in many car navigation systems. If you are the person use this feature extensively check clearly before you take it. Because many navigation systems can work perfectly for small inputs. If it you need to enter a big address, it will be a complex task.
  • Mapping graphics and software: The navigation system quality is depends upon its mapping software. So consider where the map data resides. Most of the navigation systems are store the data on a DVD, which comes with the car. Roads are constantly change so the data in the DVD outdated. In these cases, obtain a new one. Most of the modern system are storing on a hard disk drive (HDD). It gives a faster response than the DVD. However, the information in the hard disk also outdated as like DVD. In such cases, you need to buy a new DVD and update through it. The latest technology is store the data in SD cards. It is a simple and portable access. You can buy the software only what extent you need for navigation. The graphics provides the realistic visual experience with different options like 3D buildings etc.
  • Destination and POI: Most navigation systems offer various ways to route to the destination like point of interest (POI), a phone number, a point on the map, an intersection or by an address. Some navigation systems have an address book. It allows the user to set a home, as destination for quick routing, and some route and locate emergency services such as hospitals and police in that area. It also includes their phone numbers and services.

There are some other features that allow the user to use some navigation systems like Geo-fencing allows to set up the areas to avoid going there, traffic information, weather reports, fuel finder with gas prices, movie listings, sports scores etc.