Tips to Audio content SEO for Auto Dealerships

The audio content for podcast search engine optimization is a little different from other optimizations such as text content in the websites. The search engines do not isten to the audio kept on your website. However, there are some ways to communicate to the search engines about your audio. Make sure unified keywords, descriptions, titles and alt texts are relevant for the users to find the audio/podcast on Google. The people those who are looking for podcast, primarily head to iTunes. To rank better or higher in the iTunes podcast search engine result pages, make to follow the tips discussed here.

Make as easily navigable as possible
Here is a quick test; you are the creator of that podcast so you can easily know just by searching your dealership or exact name you can find it. However, you need to think from a viewer who actually does not know about you but searching for similar content that your podcast has. The process by the users starts from typing in a search into the iTunes store, then find the podcast website, determining the content of the podcast, listening and then subscribing to your dealership’s content. Think as if they do and check how it is working, if you find any bottlenecks remove them.

Content optimization for strategic keywords
Keywords strategy like in other website content optimizations is one of the most important for optimizing your podcast. So remember your keyword strategy while naming the podcast, writing descriptions and episodes. Using keyword tool research the non-competitive keywords, which match your content.

Increase subscribers
There is a difference between listeners and subscribers. The listeners just play the podcast once, but the subscribers sign up for automatically download the new content whenever you released it. If you ranking keywords, iTunes favors your podcast with more subscribers. The higher percentage of subscribers communicates that the podcast is consistently valuable. So increase the subscribers by making as painless as possible to subscribe. Encourage the listeners to take next step for subscription by clearly indicating the value proposition of the podcast.

Solicit reviews
If there are more reviews on search engine results pages, iTunes tends to favor your podcast. Podcasts with a high volume of reviews means that there is user engagement. Ask subscribers and listeners directly for reviews. To show that you are listening what the subscribers and listeners saying, call out specific reviews in your dealership podcast. Check the social media websites to see if there are listeners those who are frequently talk about your dealership podcast content, and approach them for product review.

Podcast age factors
The age of podcast is one of the factors that iTunes takes into account for rankings. If the podcast is there from a longer period, it is more likely to rank higher than the newer one.

Translate you podcast or audio content into written or text format to better help for subscribers, listeners and search engines. It will even helpful to you for future references and further podcasts.