Popular Eco-Friendly Countertops for Your Kitchen

Eco-friendly countertops are gaining popularity today as there is an increase in the demand of eco-friednly products in all the industries. If you areminiature garden going to install new countertops or have plans to renovate your kitchen countertops then, try to choose eco-freidnly countertops and be a part of the healthy and pollution free environment. Some of the eco-friendly countertops that you can use for your kitchen are:

This is a recycled countertop completely. As it is 100 percent made of glass, it has a translucent appearance. Bio-glass countertops are made of water bottle, wine bottles, etc. Glass is also mixed with other materials for getting a smooth finish. Using recycled materials will make choose this bio-glass countertops more Eco-friendly.

Paper stone
It is the most recycled paper countertop material and made of 100 percent petroleum-free resin, pigments and post consumer recycled paper. It has a beautiful appearance and it gives a warm look and smooth appearance. This stone is heat resistant but only to a limited extent. Therefore, take care if you are using too hottest pans on the countertop. It is ideal for the budget conscious people.

Bamboo is the best eco-friendly countertop and is a quick renewable source. Bamboo is much stronger and harder when compared to many hardwoods. Check with the availability of the bamboo countertops before you go for the purchase. It looks soothing to the eyes if you have bamboo countertops in your kitchen. The cost of the bamboo countertops is not too more and not too less and it also depends on the availability.

Icestone countertops are made of fine glass particles of glass set on a pigmented cement. But, this is a porous material and requires sealing along with regular care and maintenance. These are most popular recycled countertops and a spectrum of colors are available in the icestone.

Squak mountain
It is seen as a natural stone with beautiful look. It is a mix of recycled paper, glass that is combined with cement. This is a durable countertop like concrete or stone. You need to take extra care if you use this squak mountain as a countertop in your kitchen.

Concreteminiature trees
Concrete is used in the construction since many years. It is also used as a countertop material as they are sustainable, but it requires dye to achieve multitude color and also the surface should be polished to give it a smooth look.

These are a few eco-friendly countertops that you can use for your kitchen and make your kitchen eco-friendly with all the green products.