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Video Games Aiding In Army Recruiting

US army is desperately looking out for ways to get more recruiting. They have many big challenges at present, like Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and are now in a recruiting spree to make sure that they don’t fall of army in urgent situations. At the same time, videogames have much demand all over the nation. […]


Till What Extent Can It Fall?

Stock markets are taking investors by surprise each and every day, not with their hikes but their falls. Investors are so much annoyed that they are trying to figure out at least the end line for the fall. It was the same dream market of many investors which just rose every day and impressed or […]

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A Village Of Stone-Age Found Under Greece

They might not be aware that they are going to reveal history to the world before starting their usual pipeline works for natural gas. And imagine the astonishment and joy they felt when they discovered buried homes of around 7000 years ago. The homes were estimated to be of 5th century BC, with all the […]


Jobless Claims Toll Hits 16-Year High

This recession has turned out to be worse than the situations during September 11 attacks. Especially the unemployment rate is increasing in the developed countries and the major concern with the government is in providing unemployment benefits in response to the increasing claims. The jobless toll reached the 4 million mark after the 500,000 unemployment […]


Beyonce Likes To Be Wonder Woman

With so many super hero movies faring well at the box offices, ideas for newer movies are still evolving day-by-day. We know how one hit of a super hero movie can change life of any one. So it is not surprising anyone liking to play role of a superhero. Well, pop star Beyonce is not […]


French People Spend Half of American’s Expense for Health

French people get quick and efficient medical care and costs half what Americans spend on their health care. French people take health care seriously and manage to provide health care system, which different from Americans. In this summer, my friend delivered twins in Paris because she was French; their entire family is covered by French […]