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Software Reuse – Its Types and Benefits

Software reuse also sometimes referred as code reuse is the process of using existing software for the creation of new software. Software engineering in the past was more focused on the original development and now it has recognized the importance of the software reuse method which is helpful in achieving better software, at low costs […]


Using Hosted Services by Small and Midsize Businesses has Increased their Financial Performance: Microsoft Study

As per the recent global SMB IT and Hosted Index 2010 by Microsoft Corp, has shown how small and medium-sized businesses have recovered during the recession and how they use technology. As per the research, the small and medium-sized businesses that value IT as a facilitator for increasing business productivity and effectiveness and also those […]

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Uses Of Server In a Business Network

One can define the server as the software program or the application which is used for providing the services to the client computer. It manages the network resources in an efficient way. For any business to run successfully, server is needed. There are many applications which are being associated with the server. One will end […]

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