8% of U.S. Women Are Recession-Proof Shoppers

According to the online survey conducted by Elle magazine, women are fashionably shopping even in declining economic climate and spending more money. It was conducted in fall 2007 depending on a mixed scale of price sensitivity and annual expenditures.

Researchers recognized a “recession-proof shopper,” who has the average age of 29. She is affluent, with an average household income of $62,000. 65% women were in the workforce, and only 52% worked for full-time. Elle presents they are desirous shoppers with 57% spends $2,000 or more per year on clothes and 40% spends over $750 or more per year on accessories and footwear.

Most of them will be preferring to spend lavishly on shoes (75%), handbags (70%), beauty (68%), evening or special occasion products (63%), jeans (63%), jewelry watches (57%) and weekend clothes (52%), but not outwear/coats (41%) and workout clothes (18%).

It is estimated that in 2008, 53% of recession-proof shoppers will spend money more than they did in 2007.

Using a national population portion of women aged 18-49, Survey Sample International conducted the survey and recognized that 8% of all women, which almost equals 5.4 million consumers are recession-proof shoppers.