Video Games Aiding In Army Recruiting

US army is desperately looking out for ways to get more recruiting. They have many big challenges at present, like Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and are now in a recruiting spree to make sure that they don’t fall of army in urgent situations.

At the same time, videogames have much demand all over the nation. They have every feature to influence people into something. That is the main reason why more and more people grow addicted to the video games.

US army is using this popularity of video games, to enhance their recruitment. This new Strategy of the US army is to provide military based video games to the people in the popular shopping malls all over the nation. There will be PCs loaded with military video games, X Box gaming consoles. This has all those great video games on military and hi-tech gadgets to enjoy the gaming to its max.

These are not just meant for mere fun. The interactive screens here keep describing about military bases and career option sin the military so that people are clear about their misconceptions over joining the army.

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