Business Models For New Ideas

Here is a list I put together of common business models to think about when you evaluate your business ideas.
Advertise – Create content in paper or electronic form and provide the content or free while charging advertisers to reach your audience.
Arbitrage – Find two assets or markets that normally move in sync. Monitor them, and when they are out of sync buy the asset that is undervalued.
Broker – Bring a buy and seller of something together. Find buyers for sellers or find sellers for buyers.
Content – Create quality content and charge for that content.
Consultant – Share your expertise with others. Charge for the things that you know and others don’t.
Geographical Arbitrage – Find a business that is successful in another city or state but is not available in your area. Open that business locally.
License – Create something that can be licensed to others to use or sell.
Niche – Find a niche that is underserved. Create a product or service or that niche.
Service Provider – Do something that people need done. Things that will save people time are usually more valuable than things that will save people money.
Standardization – Find an industry that is full of mom-and-pop shops or niche players. Create a national chain that standardizes the product/service offering of the industry.
Tollbooth – Build an application or service that is required to complete some other business or consumer transaction. Take a cut of every transaction.

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