Inhalant Abuse a Deadly Middle-School Concern

Study found that huffing is more common compared to smoking pot, snorting cocaine among 12-year-olds. It found that, most of the 12-year-olds have taken inhalants in order to get high than marijuana, cocaine and hallucinogens mixed.

The deadly inhalants are comprised of aerosol computer cleaners, glue, hair sprays, paint solvents and gasoline. These can be huffed or sniffed and can lead to addiction or sudden death due to cardiac arrest.

The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration recorded on statistics from 2006-2008 national surveys. They found that nearly seven percent of 12-year-olds report huffing inhalants, when compared with 1.4 percent who took marijuana, 0.7 percent took hallucinogens, and 0.1 percent took cocaine. Nearly five percent reported taking prescription drugs for non-medical purposes. Experts said that more should be done to prevent inhalant use nationwide.

Director of National Drug Control Policy Gil Kerlikowske said that adolescents should be informed about the dangers of abusing inhalants and parents should be more watchful in protecting their children from inhalants which are present in common household products.

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