Kids into Unnecessary Vitamin Intakes

The concept of external vitamin supplements has been introduced to deal with children whose mothers fail to make them eat required amount of food everyday.

But these days’ children seem to pop them in like some candies; though there it is not required for them. According to recent survey, about one-third of US teens and kids take vitamins even though there is no actual requirement for it. They are healthy and active but they just pop them in – may be in hope of extremely well health.

But the children with poor health and bad eating habits, who could probably benefit from taking these vitamins, are not taking them.

Doesn’t the news seem weird?

However, the annual market of these vitamins is a $2 billion industry. These vitamins supplements which we talked about till now aren’t cheap either. You will have to spend around $10 to $12 for bottle of multi-vitamin tablets.

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